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FVS – (F)reeride (V)ista (S)ideBar

FVS - (F)reeride (V)ista (S)ideBar


Analog Clock : Instaled on Top of VistaBar

Calendar : Automatic changing Every day

Picture : Loading from Folder “FVS”
(example “slide.png”) – must 60x45pix

Note List : Acepted – 35 Character’s loading from Folder “FVS”
(example “text=You Write your text :)” ) – save as “freeride.txt”

Signal & Battery Meter : Automatic change of status, power signal and power batteries

Wallpaper : Must Named “back_1,back_2,back_3,back_4,back_5” Only PNG acepted!!!!
and Puted to “FVS/Back” folder

Walppaper : Is Shake 🙂 Shake it ! 🙂
1.Upload Font (Original Sony Ericsson) – Include in file to “tpa/preset/system/fonts
2.Upload Layout (by Freeride & Scrapy2008) to “tpa/system/layout
3.Upload Display Driver to “ifs/settings/display”
4.Upload Camera Driver to “ifs/settings/camera”
5.Upload Menu to “tpa/preset/system/menu”
6.Create Folder “FVS” in Pictures On MemoryCard.
7.Copy Files “freeride.txt”,”slide.png” to
FVS folder on Memory Card.
8.Copy Files “back_1,back_2,back_3,back_4,back_5” to
“FVS/Back” folder on Memory Card.
9.Set “FVS – SK.swf” or “FVS – CZ.swf” or “FVS – EN.swf”
(SK – Slovak,CZ – Czech,EN – Engish)
10.Set Theme “FVS – Theme v3”
11.on “freeride.txt” Write your note 🙂
12.Restart Phone Please 🙂

THX To Downloadning 😉
Special THx : Scrapy2008 – Layout & Screens Tester;)
P@ko – Tester


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